If the words “personal finance” make you tremble, you need this self-care. Nonetheless, developing a good relationship with money is critical for our mental health since it reduces stress and worries in our life. Financial self-care may also boost our positive outlook about money, making us more open to discussing it and less judgmental of individuals who have a lot of it!

Financial self-care is the practice of managing your money in a way that ensures long-term stability and security. It entails managing your money wisely, creating objectives, making wise investments, and safeguarding yourself against financial threats.

Examples of financial self-care

Listening to financial or money-related news

Learning about money and savings, I recommend https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/

Putting money aside for the future

Making financial goals for the year

Utilising a money app to keep track of your finances

Confronting debt, if it’s severe there is FREE support https://www.stepchange.org/ or https://capuk.org/

Allow for treats

Determine your financial knowledge gaps.

Don’t avoid your bank account balances.

With confidence, return and refund

Contribute to a worthwhile charity.

Finally, financial self-care is a vital step towards financial security. While it may seem frightening at first, anybody can practise financial self-care and become empowered in their money management with the correct tools and mentality. To guarantee that you are on the correct track, create clear objectives and expectations, keep focused on the long term, and check your progress frequently.

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