Business leadership coaching at skillslocal
One-to-one Leadership Coaching

Tailored Leadership Development

  • Improved leadership and strategic planning skills

  • Improved decision-making

  • More creativity, empowerment and ownership

  • Higher retention of key people

Business coaching provides a tailored leadership development opportunity for senior executives, or managers with high potential.

The leader works 1-1 with the coach on their goals and challenges, their particular strengths, and any areas for development. Together they create a strong and trusting partnership that allows the leader to gain greater self-awareness, tap into their potential, broaden their leadership skills and change behaviours.

Business coaching helps managers and leaders to see themselves more clearly and creates self-awareness and clarity. This is achieved by getting to know you and understanding what others think. The coach then provides feedback based on their observations and helps you to build the skills in key areas where you need to grow.  It helps leaders to see others more clearly and understand who are their key players. Coaching helps leaders learn new ways to respond to different challenges and identify existing strengths and build more productive and effective relationships.

Coaching helps to develop individual potential, improves performance dramatically and supports individuals for succession and career progression. The coach helps to identify and develop personal leadership skills, setting clearer goals, achieving goals faster, making better decisions, and generally improving communication and relationships.

Benefits of Business Coaching

For the leader or senior executive, the clear and measurable benefits of individual coaching can include:

  • Improved leadership and strategic planning skills
  • Better agility and adaptability
  • Improved decision-making
  • Better-quality goal setting with faster achievement of goals
  • Ability to inspire and motivate teams, including those working remotely
  • Improved working relationships and better culture
  • Increased confidence

For the organisations, the results of executive coaching are likely to include:

  • Better management and leadership
  • More creativity, empowerment and ownership
  • Underpinning effective implementation of organizational change through supporting teams and individuals
  • Increased motivation and commitment from recipients of the coaching
  • Higher retention of key people who feel valued.