Environmental self-care simply means making your environment work for you. Your surroundings should inspire you rather than overwhelm and stress you out. And environmental self-care enables you to create the ideal atmosphere in which to grow.

To fully prosper, you must be in the ideal atmosphere, which might be a crowded coffee shop, a neat and peaceful home office, or any other area where you prefer spending your time. Hence, make sure you establish the ideal environment for you to work in.

Remember that your surroundings should constantly stimulate you rather than distract or discourage you. Maintain your environment as well as your personal areas by keeping them orderly and clutter-free.

At home

Regularly declutter your clothes.

Get some eye-catching artwork and display it on your walls.

Visit a new area and delete Google Maps from your phone.

Spring cleaning your house and personal places

Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy.

Utilise more reusable and environmentally friendly items and packaging.

Recycle as much as you can.

Get a flower subscription to ensure that you always have fresh flowers to liven up your home.

Take more vacations or staycations because you deserve it.

Incorporate a relaxing and tranquil water element into your house.

When working

To work, go to a calm or busy coffee shop.

Place your workstation near a window or get a light therapy desk lamp.

Book a month at a coworking space.

Pretty houseplants added to your workspace brighten up your desk.

Spend a month working remotely from a different country.

Put candles and photographs of loved ones to your desk area

Download Momentum to your Chrome browser for an inspiring visual and daily motto.

Make a bucket list in reverse! Think about what you can take away from your life rather than what you can add to it to make it better. It might be something as basic as restricting your social media scrolling or ceasing viewing the news.