I had a very quiet big birthday last week and can’t deny that I was feeling a little cheated. Everything I’d organised, cancelled, twice over! My main consolation was to delay until next year and stay 49 another year longer!
Well last night I had the most wonderful surprise from the nicest guys I’ve ever met. A surprise Zoom party from the lovely Barefooters of OL1 Barefoot Coaching Ltd . Apparently it took weeks of organising and they’d arranged sparkly hats, Prosecco and candles to be delivered. Even the dogs got dickie bows! It was awesome! We even had party games including coaching Pictionary! I will never forget this and it has truly made this birthday one I will never forget!
You guys rock and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️ Nicola Hickinbotham Rebecca Stevens Barbara Banda Toby Higson Cara WheatleyHelen Morphew Pam Buttifant James Renwick (ICF ACC) Flora HamiltonMarcel Becker Gemma Drinkall Nina Vöge Lauren Lane #bestinclass#thankyou