I can’t lie, 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, lots of ups and downs, plans cancelled and not seeing family and friends has been tough on all of us.

Even so, there’s still lots to be grateful for. I spent my lockdown time learning new skills, updating my knowledge and trying to give something back, and as a passionate lifelong learner this kept me happy.

Business has been slow but thankfully I’ve managed to keep things moving. I’m grateful for my clients who have have also managed to rise above the challenges of the ‘new normal’. We’ve all had to adapt how we work.

As we start the New Year it’s really important that we stay positive snd hopeful. With two vaccines, the finish line is in sight. We can do this, and we will get through it.

We need to be kind, we need to be strong and we need to recognise that all our experiences will, and have been very different.

Our resilience is now more important than ever in supporting us over the finish line. Make sure you look after yourself, your family, your colleagues and staff (if you’re lucky enough to have them).

Make sure you are taking time to reflect on the good things and focus on all the positive things you have to look forward to.

#Positivity #Hope #HappyNewYear