Malcolm Duggan,  10 December 1964 – 15 November 2021

It is with huge sadness that my brother Malcolm died on Monday the 15th of November. He leaves behind his wife Pauline and three children, Aimie, Alix and James. I still can’t believe he’s no longer with us, but his legacy will live on and we will make sure we keep his his memory alive.

RIP my darling brother.

Tracy and Malcolm
My memory of you remains, and it is not of you in pain,
it’s of you laughing,
it’s of you doing your funny shoulder dancing,
it’s of you sat drinking rum and coke in “your” favourite seat;
it’s of you telling your not-so-funny jokes, and your big grin after.
I can still hear you cheering loudly at Man United goals.
Dad, you’ve left an irreplaceable hole in all our lives.
Thank you though, for leaving behind parts of you in each of us – me, Alix & James; your drive, generosity & positivity.
And although our lives are forever changed, we will continue to live in your name.
Thank you for doing your best for us, Dad.
Aimie Duggan

A Short Pictorial Tribute To Malcolm’s Life

The Funeral Service For Malcolm Is Below

The service was held on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 in St Mary the Virgin’s Church (Ellenbrook Chapel), in Ellenbrook, Worsley, Greater Manchester.