Bespoke heath and wellbeing training at skillslocal
Bespoke Programme from skillslocal

Ensuring Health & Wellbeing at Work

  • Increased motivation and productivity

  • Detailed report highlighting key challenges and recommendations

  • Allows you to benchmark with others

  • Action plans which support your people to be the best they can be

Ensuring good health and wellbeing for you, your leaders and teams is now more important than ever. Not only will it help to promote you and your business as a great place to work it also provides a number of other tangible benefits.

Flourish is a new programme which has been developed by skillslocal to support individuals, leaders and organisations improve their health and wellbeing. It starts with an initial consultation where Tracy will work with you to identify the level of support you need. Once we understand your needs we will work with you to agree a package of support.

Our interventions can be light touch or full in-depth strategy reviews – it’s your choice. Kate Wainwright, from BK Accounts provided a coaching package for several of her employees which combined a Wraw assessment and individual 1-1 coaching to help to support them whilst working remotely from home.

By sharing the results from the sessions, I feel we know one another better and communication within the team is much improved. The reiteration that we are here for them if they need us, and will do anything to help them personally and professionally.

Kate Wainwright, BK Accounts

Why Employee Health & Wellbeing Matters

Recent research by CIPD (Health and well-being at work, survey report, March 2020)

  • The most common cause of long-term illness was mental ill health 59%, and Stress 46%
  • 60% of respondents reported an increase in employee mental health conditions
  • 37% of respondents said stress-related absence had increased in the last year
  • Only 25% of managers can spot the early warning signs of ill health

Positive Health And Wellbeing Actions

Lower sickness absence
Reduce work-related stress
Imprived mrale and engagement
Healthier more inclusive culture

The same CIPD survey highlighted the positive effects of introducing H&W into the workplace. Other benefits included: Enhanced Employer Brand (31%), Better Staff Retention (24%), Improved Productivity (22%) and Better Customer Service (15%).

How Flourish Works

The Flourish process at skillslocal

What Tools Do We Have Available?

  • Full review of your current practices
  • Bespoke staff surveys
  • Workplace resilience and wellbeing (Wraw) physchometric for individuals, leaders, teams and whole organisation
  • Accredited Mental health awareness training
  • Resilience and wellness training
  • Psychological safety training
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Train the trainer

All Our Solutions Can Be Delivered Online

Saves you time and money, with 100% COVID-19 employee safety

Wellbeing Flourish programme

What You Gain

  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Detailed report which highlights key challenges and recommendations
  • Allows you to benchmark with others
  • Effective functioning teams aware of how they support one another
  • Action plans which support your people to be the best they can be
  • Healthy and happy staff.