Happy Valentine’s Day!

As we all strive to stay more connected and healthy this season, why not take a walk? Taking a simple stroll can offer numerous benefits for our health and wellbeing. Not only does walking provide great physical exercise, but it also gives us the space to clear our minds, gain clarity and have time for ourselves.  I’ve been making sure to take some time out each day to ensure I’m getting some form of exercise and time to for me.

The image of the millennium bridge in New Mills is a short 3-mile circular from my house, today it was frosty but sunny, the best kind of morning for a walk!

Since it’s Valentine’s day I thought I’d share a little poem:

The sun is warm upon my face,
As I take an early stroll
It’s a moment of peace and grace
Recharging in the loving embrace of nature,
A chance to reflect and ponder,
Taking a mindful wander,
I care for my wellbeing and soak up all the blue.
Breathing fresh air, I become more aware
Of what I need to thrive.
Cherishing every step to restore and repair.

Walking and self care are two powerful tools that when used in tandem can foster physical and mental health. Taking action to address our own wellbeing is a gift that pays dividends far into the future. Not only does walking provide the opportunity for reflection, but it also helps burn off stress while boosting overall mood and energy levels.