* Best Health & Wellbeing Consultancy - East Midlands & Award for Excellence in SME Best Practice & Resilience Training 2020

* Award date: October 2nd, 2020

We are delighted to have won this award, particularly as this has been during such a challenging time for many businesses.  Our Health and Wellbeing offer has grown relatively quickly and really taken off during 2020 and we hope will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Since COVID-19 many employers are taking H&W more seriously. It’s clear that organisations need to consider how they support their employees to navigate the changing working environment. Our award winning Health and Wellbeing offer is extremely flexible and supports both large and small businesses to gain a clearer understanding of where support is needed. We then provide a range of solutions which can help individuals, leaders, teams or the whole business.  It is completely bespoke so can be designed to suit many budgets. From Wellness and resilience training, coaching and full on assessments we can help you to ensure your employees Health and Wellbeing is supported.

Our interventions can be light touch or full in-depth strategy reviews – it’s your choice.  Kate Wainwright, from BK Accounts provided a coaching package for several of her employees which combined a Wraw assessment and individual 1-1 coaching to help to support them whilst working remotely from home.

“By sharing the results from the sessions, I feel we know one another better and communication within the team is much improved. The reiteration that we are here for them if they need us, and will do anything to help them personally and professionally.”

Why use us?

Tracy started delivering health and wellbeing as part of the We Invest in People standard. She is passionate about the benefits health and wellbeing bring to individuals and businesses. Since then she has developed the services she can offer in this increasingly important area:

• We invest in wellbeing – certified practitioner
• Wraw certified practitioner
• level 3 teacher trainer qualified
• An FAA qualified trained trainer in mental health first aid to level 3
• CACHE certificate in counselling skills

Tracy will ensure your all your businesses health and wellbeing needs are met.

Our initial consultation is always free of charge and we will work with you to help select the best of course of action. Once you have decided what you need we will develop a full project specification to ensure this meets your needs.

We care greatly about our clients’ satisfaction and take quality seriously, we are keen to receive any feedback, after all it’s by listening to our customers that allows us all to grow and develop. Following any intervention, you will be invited to participate in a short customer survey.

SME News Magazine announces the winners of the 2020 UK Enterprise Awards

Now in its fourth year, the SME UK Enterprise Awards continues to recognise SMEs of all sizes and across the UK who are endeavouring to bettering business in their industries. Whether it’s by nourishing rich internal cultures to promote employee satisfaction, by offering next-level customer service, or through an enduring dedication to innovative products – British SMEs are truly the lifeblood of the country’s economy and business landscape. Ultimately, and without question, they deserve to be recognised as figureheads of change, and drivers of creativity.

If we’ve learned anything over the last few months, it is that the British entrepreneurial spirit is not easily extinguished. Indeed, it has remained resilient, agile and dynamic despite previously inconceivable difficulty. For many – companies young and old – it has been a baptism of fire with some of the worst accelerants imaginable. It was a perfect storm that few – if any – were prepared for. Yet, as we’re seeing now, many have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic on steady legs and ready to face the remainder of the year (and beyond).  Award Coordinator, Jessie Wilson

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